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Alasdair Macleod Video: What Is Next For Gold And Silver

Macleod Video
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EDITOR NOTE:  In this Alasdair Macleod video, the Legendary stockbroker and gold expert explains how supply on store shelves is dwindling and prices are rising fast. These are problems he expects are here to stay for a while, which means “interest rate will have to rise.” Macleod says this rise in rates will lead to corporate bankruptcies exploding and the stock market “go down the toilet.” His view is the way to protect yourself from this is “having physical gold and physical silver.” Macleod sees those with the most to gain doing their best to hold down the price of gold and silver, which can’t last forever. In his opinion, this artificially low price just makes it a great time to buy as much non-Fungible gold and silver as you can. 

Originally posted on Invest Smart

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