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Amazon Rolls Out Biometric Purchases at Whole Foods

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EDITOR NOTE: Like every other form of technological innovation, Amazon’s Whole Foods biometric scanning technology will come with its accidents and negativities. The technology allows you to make purchases with the scan of your palm. Critics are worried that this can lead to job losses, as the tech goes hand-in-hand with cashier-less systems. There’s much more to be lost with such technology--one being privacy, from transactions to purchasing habits to your physical whereabouts. How else can biometric scanning be implemented, at what locations, and by whom? It has plenty of “intensive” and extensive potential applications. Most of which will remain unseen, save for the machines and their masters behind the receiving end of the screen. Biometric tech can be an amazing tool. And in the hands of a centralized regime, over a tightly-enforced centralized society, it can be one amazing weapon among many to help preserve the power of the ruling class against those who threaten it under the banner of individual freedom. Inc (AMZN.O) said it is rolling out biometric technology at its Whole Foods stores around Seattle starting on Wednesday, letting shoppers pay for items with a scan of their palm.

The move shows how Amazon is bringing some of the technology already in use at its namesake brick-and-mortar Go and Books stores to the grocery chain it acquired in 2017.

The system, called Amazon One, lets customers associate a credit card with their palm print. It offers a contact-less alternative to cash and card payments, Amazon said.

The deployment stops short of introducing Amazon's cashier-less technology at Whole Foods, which critics have said would result in job cuts. Amazon One still requires scanning items at checkout, and the company said it will not impact jobs at Whole Foods.

Amazon said its biometric technology will be live at a Whole Foods near its headquarters in Seattle on Wednesday and will expand to seven more stores in the metro area in coming months.

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