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American Bankers Association (ABA) Announces Upcoming Seminar on Domestic Terrorism

John Galt

Updated: August 23, 2022

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Editor’s Note:

EDITOR'S NOTE: There are many negative factors that threaten to intensify our current economic woes, from skyrocketing consumer prices to the massive accumulation of household credit card debt. The banking system can take these scenarios in stride, more or less, as some of them present opportunities for profit while others are generally hedgeable. What the banks haven’t yet figured out, according to a recent ABA seminar on “domestic terrorism,” is how to digest (or make profitable) the effects of political action of a more extreme nature. Perhaps part of the difficulty of working this “fringe” element into policy and profit is that it's unclear how such a thing can be identified. Who is a domestic terrorist? Certainly, owning a legal firearm and harboring political beliefs far from the mainstream doesn’t qualify one as a terrorist, does it? The sad Orwellian truth is that despite any standardized definition that characterizes a “domestic terrorist”—namely, the use of violence and intimidation to achieve political aims—banks will define terrorists according to their own criteria. And the more control the banking system has in monitoring or intervening in private financial activities, or the more aligned it is to a particular political regime, citizens who step out of the status quo line, politically speaking, will be accused of potential domestic terrorism. In other words, this could be you, your friends, neighbors, and family. If you don’t want these political shenanigans to find their way into your private financial transactions, then keep a stash of your wealth separate from the system. Invest in gold and silver and store it in a private depository. You never know. Perhaps, in the eyes of the banking system, you’ve already been tagged as a domestic terrorist. How would you know either way? 

The American Bankers Association  (ABA) has announced an upcoming seminar on September 28, 2022 entitled ‘Domestic Terrorism: A Threat to the Financial System’ revealing continued corporate indoctrination.

According to their website, “ABA proudly represents institutions of all asset sizes and charter types. These diverse perspectives drive the development of our daily work and policy positions. Take a look at where we’ve been, and where we’re going. From delivering the latest industry news to developing mission-critical training offerings, we support America’s banks as they perform their vital role in energizing the economy and helping communities thrive.”

There are numerous threats to the nation’s economy. Manufacturing and home building are taking big hits. Inflation remains high  and millions of Americans are suffering with high consumer prices, many accumulating credit card debt to survive. The economy is weakening at a rate much faster than people expected.

Yet the ABA thinks focusing on ‘domestic terrorism’ is critical to those in the banking industry.

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The seminar’s description reads:

Take a closer look at the rise of domestic terrorists and other extremist groups, how they communicate and receive funding, and the threats they pose to the financial system.

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