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An Update On What Is Happening With Silver

Silver trends
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Precious metals expert Egon Von Greyerz discusses what’s going on in the silver market right now and how to mix silver into your portfolio with gold. Von Greyerz, like many, notes that there is already a silver shortage, and that should only get worse as modern technology like electronics, solar panels, and electric cars need silver to work. While he believes this will skyrocket the price of silver soon, he also says the volatility doesn’t make it a long-term hold like gold is. “Silver will go up a lot more than gold,” Von Greyer says. “But we always tell people, just hold a lot less silver than gold because of the volatility, if you want to sleep well at night.” He also notes that when silver goes up, it goes up 2x or 3x as fast as gold. However, when it goes down, it falls at the same pace. “When there’s a real crisis, gold will go up a lot more than silver,” Von Greyerz admits. Based on this precious metals expert's assessment, it may make sense to buy both non-Fungible gold and silver. His point is to make sure you’re buying in the right ratios for your individual financial needs and goals.

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