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Biden Builds Concrete Wall Around White House Even Though Walls Don't Work

concrete wall
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EDITOR'S NOTE; As our readers comprise a wide range of political associations—some on the right, some on the left, some “centrist,” and some standing apart on a more libertarian platform—you can take what Jim Hoft writes below as seriously or as lightly as you wish; it all depends on your perspective and partisan leanings. A temporary wall serves a different purpose and time frame as compared with a permanent wall. So is it “hypocritical,” to use Hoft’s language, to compare an apple with an orange? Hmm. In the end, walls are as effective as they are generally ineffective. They’re more symbolic than practical. So, how much money are you willing to dish out for an obstacle that someone can climb, poke holes through, tunnel under, or blow up?

The Biden administration built a concrete security wall around the White House this week. It is not clear yet why they believe the construction of the concrete wall is necessary. Photo Via Conservative Treehouse.

Meanwhile, the US Border is completely wide open. Illegal immigrants are flooding into the country at record levels.

And they told us that “walls don’t work”.

These people are nothing but elitist hypocrites.

Originally posted on The Gateway Pundit.

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