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BofA: Accounts Reflected Zero Due To Online Glitch?

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EDITOR NOTE: It happened with Fidelity last February and a UK bank last year. Bank of America customers woke up yesterday to see that their money had vanished from their accounts. Zero balance. It was due to a tech glitch; one that was fixed shortly thereafter. But glitches like these have been relatively frequent. And it shows just how vulnerable money is once it's digitized. Perhaps next time it won’t be a computer glitch, but instead, human error, cyberattack, or anything else that can wipe out your entire balance. There’s a reason why physical money--whether cash, gold or silver--is valued: it can’t just disappear at the touch of a key.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Multiple people have reached out to FOX 46 saying that when they woke up Wednesday morning it showed $0 in their Bank of America accounts.

Bank of America confirmed the major online glitch Wednesday with FOX 46 Charlotte.

“Some of our clients may currently see an inaccurate account balance in online or mobile banking. There is no impact to their accounts and their information remains secure. We are working to address it as quickly as possible,” Bank of America said in a written statement Wednesday.

BOA is telling its clients who are currently impacted that there are other ways to view their balance.

Many people went online to express their frustration with the glitch in their accounts.

Some have also said they cannot currently transfer their money from savings to checking.

Originally posted on Fox46

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