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US Government’s Silver Propaganda

US Banks Silver Shortage
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Government has overcoded your reality, and you don’t even know it!

Language is a complex assemblage of codes. It codes things. It codes ideas. It even codes people. And it codes the way we think. We know this because we use language on a daily basis. This is nothing new.

But language can also be to “overcode” things. What does that mean, exactly? When something is overcoded, you don’t even realize that it’s a code; that it’s manufactured. You accept it as a natural part of your reality.

This is what propagandists do. Once you begin to accept the code as reality, they’ve got you.

And this is what government has done with regard to our perception of money--they’ve overcoded it with their propaganda.

Look at how the average American perceives money. Many of them limit their perception of money to cash; “paper” notes; dollars.

Most Americans would never think of gold or silver as money. Gold is jewelry. It has value, but as a piece of jewelry--earrings, necklaces, etc. Silver is merely a cheaper form of jewelry; or it’s silverware; or it is a metal used to produce various industrial products. This is what government wants you to think. And they’ve won.

But the truth is that gold and silver are forms of money. Gold has been used as money for millennia. And silver’s use as money goes back even further! The disturbing fact that people can’t equate money with precious metals attests to the success of government’s propaganda campaign.

US Banks Silver Shortage

At this moment, silver is a problem that bankers are facing--there isn’t enough of it.

There isn’t enough silver supply to fulfill demand on a global scale. The Silver Institute publishes an annual report describing all of the silver that had been mined, all of its industrial uses, and whether there is a deficit or surplus in a given year.

For several years, this report has shown silver to be in a deficit. In fact, you can view their report here. Silver has been in a deficit each year from 2007 to 2016 with the exception of three years (2009, 2010, and 2012). But overall, the deficit seems to be widening.

And as we wrote in a previous article, JPMorgan Chase has quietly been accumulating the largest reserve of silver in the world, most of it coming from newly mined silver. Apparently, JPM acknowledges silver’s monetary value (smart money?). In fact, their subsidiary--Chase--has been doing everything it can to discourage its customers from holding silver. They’ve banned silver and gold from customer safety deposit boxes. They want their customers to hold cash, while they continue to gobble up all the silver they can hold.

Our position is that silver is money. We believe in buying precious metals in general, that is, silver AND gold, but we also acknowledge silver’s unique advantage over gold: silver is the only precious metal that can be used to purchase small-ticket items, making it a more practical form of money.

You may not be capable of seeing silver’s true value--not as long as you remain susceptible to the overcoding propaganda that government has used to define your financial reality.

Think of it this way. Your dollars can be manipulated (and they have been). Government can print money out of thin air, inflating it to fund their own projects at the expense of the people (literally!). Cash is sound only to the extent that government handles cash responsibly and in the people’s interests. We know that’s not going to happen. Have you seen the size of our national debt?

Silver (and gold) cannot be artificially created or inflated. Unlike cash, precious metals are rare. If you compare cash with precious metals, which better embodies the intrinsic attributes that make “money” valuable--the qualities that make money “sound money”?

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