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Can Gold Reach $4000 and Silver $100 By 2024?

gold silver 2024
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EDITOR'S NOTE: It’s reasonable to have expected a significant rise in gold and silver prices from the moment the money supply surged back in 2020. Inflation was to be expected, considering the massive creation of money, and the ensuing demand it created amid supply disruptions. The economic and geopolitical uncertainties brought on by the Russia-Ukraine crisis were another driver. Gold is now just under $2,000 an ounce; silver is just below $26. However, analyst Jordan Roy-Byrne, a technician for The Daily Gold, thinks gold and silver prices are going much higher. He’s making a “seemingly implausible” call for gold to reach $4,000 an ounce and silver $100 an ounce by 2024. In today’s global economy, can we say that such a call is really all that implausible? 

Source: Palisade Gold Radio

Originally published on YouTube via Palisade Gold Radio.


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