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Biden's Latest Climate Appointee Comes From CCP-Controlled University

John Galt | September 21, 2022
Economic Gossip | Economic News | Noteworthy

The Biden Administration's Skewed Idea of How The Economy Is Doing

Economic Gossip | Economic News | Geopolitical

China May Be Using Cyberattacks To Maintain Reliance On Rare Earth Metals

Economic Gossip | Economic News | Noteworthy

Biden Exclaims That He "Beat Pharma This Year"... But Did He?

CBDCs Are About To Win The War On Cash... And Your Financial Privacy

[glossary_exclude][/glossary_exclude]EDITOR'S NOTE: Although Biden claims to have nothing to do with the FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate,...
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Fed Aims To Launch Instant Payment Service ‘FedNow’ Next Summer

EDITOR'S NOTE: The FedNow system may spell the end of your financial privacy and control. It may come...
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IRS Published Confidential Information Regarding 120,000 Taxpayers Online

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did the IRS might have accidentally published your confidential financial information? No matter how secure a...
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New York Fed Undertakes Small Value Repurchase Agreement Operation

EDITOR'S NOTE: The New York Fed Undertakes Small Value Repurchase Agreement Operation. It’s long been known that the...
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SNAP Experienced Nationwide EBT Card Outages Over The Weekend

[glossary_exclude][/glossary_exclude]EDITOR'S NOTE: SNAP and EBT card outages left millions of people in Massachusetts and South Carolina unable to...
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American Bankers Association (ABA) Announces Upcoming Seminar on Domestic Terrorism

EDITOR'S NOTE: There are many negative factors that threaten to intensify our current economic woes, from skyrocketing consumer...
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Even The Washington Post Can Admit The Failures of The U.S. Government

EDITOR'S NOTE: As most of us know, the Washington Post is a Democrat-leaning publication. I won’t go so...
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A Critique of The Fed's Actions Live With Jim Rickards and Daniel DeMartino

EDITOR'S NOTE: Once you’ve recognized the level of harm that the Federal Reserve is doing to the American...
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Everything You Need To Know About The Inflation Reduction Act

EDITOR'S NOTE: President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act carries more symbolic significance than it does a functional one. According...
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Australia’s Reserve Bank And BIS Begin Work on Digital Currency System Pilot Program

EDITOR'S NOTE: Australia is the next country to follow China in piloting a digital currency system. The country...
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Why The Government Crisis Response Is Lacking

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) was a ten-member commission appointed by Congress to "examine the...
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Central Banks Are Using CBDCs To Create A Technocommunist Global Financial System

EDITOR'S NOTE: Okay. The “2nd Smartest Guy in the World” (as he calls himself) just published a piece...
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JPM Bank Execs Are On The Hook For Manipulative Practices

EDITOR'S NOTE: If sh*t rolls downhill, then it shouldn’t be so hard to follow the trail upward to...
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American Lobbyists Start Pushing For Chinese Social Credit Systems

[glossary_exclude][/glossary_exclude]EDITOR'S NOTE: According to the article you’re about to read, several American lobbyists, all of them linked to...
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Israel Places Limits on Cash Transactions To Fight Financial Crime

EDITOR'S NOTE: The war on cash in Israel escalates with new bans on cash transactions. Personal transactions over...
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