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Financial Gossip

soft landing economy

The U.S. Economy Slides In Unofficial Recession As Powell Claims It’s In “Strong Shape”

precious metal derivatives

Which Two Banks Hold 90% Of Precious Metal Derivatives?

global reset

"World War 3" In the Financial Sense; A Global Reset Is On The Horizon

irs spent ammunition

Why The IRS Spent Approximately $700,000 on Ammunition ‘Between March and June 1’?

golden age of travel

Rising Fuel Prices Have Brought An End To The Golden Age Of Travel

blackrock buying houses

BlackRock Is Not Buying Individual Houses In The U.S.

cant withdraw money

Long Lines Form Outside Banks In China As Depositors Can't Withdraw Their Own Money

world reserve currency status

Would A Digital Dollar Help The U.S. Keep Its World Reserve Currency Status?

invest in carbon offset market

BlackRock‘s Investment Choices Are Under Scrutiny

fbi u.s. person queries

How The FBI Catches Foreign Spies And Creates "U.S. Person Queries"

sentiment crash

Will 2022 Be A Repeat of 2008? Michael Burry Says Yes

CBDC model

The Risks In Implementing Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs)

World Currency Background

Will SWIFT Exist In Five Years? Mastercard CEO Says No.

wef global economy

Dystopia vs Davos: How The WEF Plan To Fix The Global Economy

fed unrealized losses

Taxpayers On The Hook For The Fed's $330B In Unrealized Losses in Q1

global recession

A Global Recession Topped The Worries of Goverment Leaders in Davos

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