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Financial News

US Financial System

International Finance Leaders Are Worried About Global Financial Collapse

digital currency cbdcs

Emmer Introduces Legislation to Prevent The Fed From Issuing CBDCs To Individuals

house price

Runaway House Price Inflation Continues To Characterize The US Market

grocery workers

Supermarkets Begin Cutting Hours And Services As Omicron Spreads

cbdc digital currency

Emmer Outlines Bill Preventing CBDCs From Being Issued To Individuals

The Fed May Push The U.S. Economy Into Recession

concrete wall

Biden Builds Concrete Wall Around White House Even Though Walls Don't Work

russia military

Russia Considering Military Deployment To Venezuela And Cuba

us china tech war bill

US-China Tech War Grows As US Signs Competition Bill

media outlets

Mainstream Media Isn't Reporting On Wall Street Banks Who Borrowed Repo Loans in September 2019

supply chain

The Supply Chain Is Everywhere


We Are Facing The Worst Inflation In 40 Years

Gold Standard

It's Been 50 Years Since Nixon Abolished The Gold Standard - Now The Bill Has Come Due

workers quit jobs

Nearly A Quarter Of Workers Are Looking To Get A New Job This Year

financial wellness

Only 22% Of People Give Themselves High Financial Wellness Scores; Lower The Bidens Approval Rating

China outpacing covid

The Polls Are In: More Americans Are Worried About Inflation Than The Pandemic

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