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u.s.-china relations

A Storm Brews As U.S.-China Relations Worsen

control of venezuelan gold

The Fight Over Control of Venezuelan Gold Continues

global debt crisis

The Global Debt Crisis Continues As More Than 40 Countries Are At Risk of Debt Default

china social credit systems

American Lobbyists Start Pushing For Chinese Social Credit Systems

pelosi taiwan trip

Pelosi Visits Taiwan; What's Next?

iran nuclear capabilities

Iran Warns The US of Their Nuclear Capabilities That Could Wipe Out NY

russia sudan

Russia And Sudan Have Spawned An Intricate Gold Smuggling Network

bipolar global financial system

Beijing Warns Biden Not To “Play With Fire”

Zimbabwe gold

Zimbabwe Sells Gold Coins To Public In A Bid To Tame Runaway Inflation

india international bullion exchange

India International Bullion Exchange Set To Launch July 29

grain export agreement

Russia and Ukraine Finally Reach A Grain Export Agreement

debt distress and worsening poverty

G-20 Debt Relief Delay Puts Poor Nations In Or At Risk Of Debt Distress

fed counter-intelligence

US Fed Infiltrated by China? We Need To Strengthen Counter-Intelligence Efforts Now

china tanks

Video of China Tanks Are Military Exercise And Unrelated To Bank Protests

russia china reserve system

Russia And China Challenge The U.S. Dollar's Global Reserve Status

dollar euro gold

What The Dollar/Euro Parity Means For Gold

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