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Ghana's Government Plans To Pay for Imported Oil Products With Gold

Derek Wolfe | November 29, 2022
Economic News | Geopolitical

Americans Are "Making A Fortune" From Ukraine War While EU Suffers

Economic News | Geopolitical | Gold News

Why The Bank of Canada Should Have Gold Reserves

Economic News | Geopolitical | Gold News | Noteworthy

A Proposed BRICS Expansion Poses A Major Threat To The US

How U.S.-China Relations Have Shifted

EDITOR'S NOTE: US-China relations have qualitatively transformed ever since President Xi terminated the term limits that have restricted...
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Active-Duty U.S. Military Personnel Are Confirmed In Ukraine

EDITOR'S NOTE: Is there or is there no US military presence actively operating in Ukraine? We’ll never know...
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Russia Accuses the West of Stealing From its Currency And Gold Reserves

EDITOR'S NOTE: Typically, when the government legislates an action that would otherwise constitute “stealing”—such as imminent domain or...
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Bank of Thailand Continues To Develop Retail Central Bank Digital Currency

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thailand is getting closer to developing its own central bank digital currency (CBDC). It, along with...
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How Xi Plans To Rule China For The Next Decade or Longer Is Chilling

EDITOR’S NOTE: Now that President Xi Jinping holds a position in which he can rule China virtually unopposed...
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Monetary Reform Is The End To The Messy Debt Game Between China and IMF

EDITOR'S NOTE: China and the IMF are two of the world’s largest creditors, particularly for low-income countries. Their...
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Egypt Is Working Aggressively To Get Out From Under The Dollar's Chokehold

EDITOR'S NOTE: Despite the Egyptian pound rising against most major currencies, it’s sinking rather badly against the US...
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Egypt Develops New Currency Indicator Separate From The U.S. Dollar

EDITOR'S NOTE: A dollar peg is a monetary function. It’s about “fixing” the range of value of a...
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Will Saudi Arabia Join BRICS Family?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen along with other macroeconomic...
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Takeaways From The Annual IMF And World Bank Meetings

EDITOR'S NOTE: We have our differences and disagreements with the International Monetary Fund’s philosophy of monetary governance, but...
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Biden Believes It's Time For The U.S. To Rethink Relations With Saudi Arabia

EDITOR'S NOTE: Is Biden reconsidering America’s alliance with Saudi Arabia? Most Americans saw this coming when China opened...
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Competition For The Next Generation of Cross-Border Payments Has Begun

EDITOR'S NOTE: The notion of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) system comes not without a problematic and...
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Russia Speaks On The Possibility of Using Nuclear Weapons

EDITOR'S NOTE: Some of you may remember the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, where the fate of humankind...
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HHS Purchases $290M Worth of Amgen's Nplate In Case of Nuclear Emergency

EDITOR'S NOTE: The United States Department of Health and Human Services just purchased $290 million worth of Amgen’s...
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U.S. Navy Deploys The World's Largest And Most Expensive Warship Ever Built

EDITOR'S NOTE: As Putin finds himself backed in a corner amid astonishingly resilient Ukrainian resistance and increasingly defiant...
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