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pace of inflation

The Drumbeats of War Are Ramping Up The Pace of Inflation

cut off important of russian oil and gas

Will The European Union Cut Off Imports Of Russian Oil And Gas?

rouble for gas

Putin Announces Russia Will Only Accept Roubles For Gas

russian gold standard

Is A Russian Gold Standard On The Horizon?

economic data gold market

As Long As Chaos Reigns, Gold Will Shine As Solid Currency

erode dominance us dollar

Sanctions on Russia Could End Up Eroding The Dominance Of The US Dollar

gold market drop

The Gold Market Could See A $100 Drop But Will Not Collapse

russia Gold Standard

How The Bank Of Russia Plans To Establish A Gold Standard With Ruble

chinese yuan international financial system

Chinese Currency In The International Financial System

fuel gouging prevention act

How The Ukraine Conflict Is Impacting Commodity Markets

american sanctions russia china

American Sanctions Backfire, Bringing Russia And China Closer Together

gold rally has just begun

Gold Settles At Two Week High As U.S. Announces New Sanctions On Russia

cut off important of russian oil and gas

The US Plans To Sanction 400 Russian Individuals And Entities

CPM Group's Jeffrey Christian discusses several reasons gold and silver are moving counter-intuitively to how some may think.

Why Gold And Silver Are Moving Counter-Intuitively To How Some May Think

monetary system reset

A Monetary System Reset Is In Motion

safe haven gold

Escalation In Ukraine Boosts Demand For Safe Haven Flows To Gold

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