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International Trade: Emerging Currencies Aim To Undercut Dollar

Daniel Plainview | February 1, 2023
Economic News | Geopolitical | Gold News | Noteworthy

Gold Prices Soar as Central Banks Increase Purchases

Economic News | Gold News

Gold and China: A Look at SAFE's Recent Announcements

Economic News | Gold News | Noteworthy

China's Reopening to Drive Demand for Gold and Commodities

At 524 Tonnes, China Sees Dramatic Increase in Gold Imports

[glossary_exclude][/glossary_exclude]EDITOR'S NOTE: What’s that the Swiss are melting down? Fondue, Hot Chocolate? No, it looks like they’re melting...
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Shortcomings Of The Petro-Yuan As A Currency Alternative

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the world of monetary value (real or imagined), some analysts believe the US dollar’s days...
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Rosenberg on Economy: A Recession & the Rise of Gold Prices

EDITOR'S NOTE: Plenty of analysts are somewhat in consensus that gold will reach upwards of $4,000 an ounce....
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Widmer: Calling the Death of Gold is Premature

EDITOR'S NOTE: The title of the piece below can’t be read without recognizing a little bit of irony....
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Ghana Gold Sufficient For Oil Barter

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ghana is one country taking efforts to de-dollarize as part of its effort to “combat the...
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The Impact of Cooling Inflation on Gold Ounce Prices

EDITOR'S NOTE: With inflation cooling and Fed rate hikes slowing, gold ounce prices lifted off toward the $1,900...
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Central Banks' Largest Gold Holdings In Decades

EDITOR'S NOTE: Central banks are currently accumulating the largest gold reserves ever held on a global scale since...
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Eliminating Sales Taxes On Gold And Silver In Alaska

EDITOR'S NOTE: On a geopolitical and global economic scale, the value of gold as a global reserve currency...
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Building on Success: Tennessee's Push for a Bullion Depository

EDITOR'S NOTE: Despite gold not being considered “legal tender” in most places across the globe, countries nevertheless hold...
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Why Gold And Silver Emerged As The Top Assets In 2022

EDITOR'S NOTE: Gold and silver assets rose against all currencies in 2022, as turbulent fundamentals catapulted the metals...
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Gold on the Rise: Why the Buying Has Only Just Begun

EDITOR'S NOTE: Massive central bank and investor gold buying have driven the yellow metal up over 17% since...
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China's Petroyuan Rally Gains Momentum Among Oil Producers

EDITOR'S NOTE: China aims to weaken the US dollar by shifting the oil trade away from the greenback...
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Gold Reaches 8-Month High Amid Dollar Decline

EDITOR'S NOTE: Gold is hovering at an 8-month high and is closing in on $1,900 an ounce. Some...
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Is Gold Still The Best Currency Out There? You Bet.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Gold may not be viewed as a currency, per se, but some would argue that it...
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The Greenspan Take On The FTX Fraud

EDITOR'S NOTE: Alan Greenspan, the former Fed Chair who was once considered a “monetary maestro,” explains the FTX...
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