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Gold News

russian coal chinese yuan

India's Biggest Cement Producer Imports Cargo of Russian Coal Purchased With Chinese Yuan

precious metal derivatives

Which Two Banks Hold 90% Of Precious Metal Derivatives?

Zimbabwe gold coins

Bank of Zimbabwe Introduces Gold Coins Into Its Monetary System

gold prices steady

Gold Prices Remain Steady Despite Dollar Moves

us dollar gold

What Happens When You Price Gold In Euro or Yen?

global reset

"World War 3" In the Financial Sense; A Global Reset Is On The Horizon

gold silver global markets

Gold And Silver Prices Rise In Global Markets

german households gold

Is Gold Still Considered A Safe Haven Market?

investors gold

John Hathaway Interview On Why Investors Should Consider Gold

swiss trade statistics

The Latest Swiss Trade Statistics Show Interesting Trends

Gold and Bitcoin paxg

Interview With Billionnaire Seth Klarman on Holding Gold Instead of Crypto

fed inflation expectations

Which Will Be Worse: Inflation or Stagflation?

world financial system

The World Financial System Is Being Reset. Is A Severe Recession On The Horizon?

us dollar gold

This Monster U.S. Dollar Rally Is Extremely Bullish For Gold

dollar down

Dollar Down On Monday As Risk of Recession Continues To Rise

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