Yuan and Ruble vs Dollar

Gold-Backed Yuan and Ruble Leave US Dollar in the Dust

The entire western monetary system is a fraud…says Peter Koenig, economist, geopolitical analyst, and former World Banker.  The global de-dollarization trend is nothing new. Despite the provocative manner in which Peter Koenig states his message, calling the dollar-denominated monetary system “fraudulent,” this message doesn’t tell us anything the we don’t already know: “The entire western […]

Jamie Dimon and Bitcoin

Bitcoin Plunges After JPM’s Jamie Dimon Calls It “Fraudulent”

If you witnessed Bitcoin’s sudden plunge earlier in the week, you are probably aware of the fact that Jamie Dimon’s comments had everything to do with it. As CEO of JP Morgan Chase, his comments are worth serious consideration, not necessarily for their truth-value or wisdom, but for what they reveal about JPM’s perspectives and […]

Equifax Hack 2017

50% of Americans Fell Victim to Equifax Cyberattack

Yet another example of a financial institution that cares more about profits than customers, Equifax’s lax security made it vulnerable to one of the most devastating hacks in recent history. Equifax had been hacked twice in the last few years prior to this most recent attack. Amidst the flood of lawsuits pouring in from customers […]

Jacob Rothschild

Jacob Rothschild and Others Prominent Investors Dump US Investments

We often assume that following the “smart money” may be the best path to take. So what are we to think when smart money decides to ditch all the assets that make up most of your investments? Recent news of top investors cutting their US investments, such as the case with Jacob Rothschild (chairman of […]

Decline of the US Dollar

Dollar Doomsday is a Slow and Painful Decline

Not all great powers meet a tumultuous end. Some just fade away slowly, at times pathetically, and with a whimper. Sadly, the latter describes the fate of the US Dollar. There is a world currency, accessible only to financial elites, that has existed albeit in a relatively dormant state since 1969. The IMF (International Monetary […]