Deepstate blaming Trump

The Fed is Now Using Trump’s Actions to Mask the Economy’s Collapse

Let’s begin with the bottom line: The Federal Reserve’s monetary stimulus program generated a massive economic recovery that was, at its core, artificial. Think about it for a moment: the interest rates were so low—near zero, in fact—that corporate borrowers practically had access to “free loans.” And not only did the Fed pump Trillions of […]

Here’s Why the Dow is Much Riskier (and More At-Risk) Than You Think

If there’s any investment principle you’ve had drilled into your head over and over again, it’s the principle of “diversification.” You’ve learned that diversifying your assets prevents you from concentrating all your risk in one bundle. You know the saying, so cliched it’s painful to include it: “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” […]

Central Banks’ Secret Agenda to Suppress Gold

Central Banks’ Secret Agenda to Suppress Gold

Many investors accept the idea that gold is a reliable store of value. They might not be able to explain precisely why it’s so valued; they may not understand its history of monetary function, but most will tell you that gold is a “safe haven.” The problem is that many of the same people who […]

China is About to Overtake US in Artificial Intelligence Superiority

One primary factor that has contributed to America’s superpower status is its capacity to engineer its own evolution through technological, economic, and social means. Technological development has been a critical player in this evolution, from the industrial to the digital age. The next evolutionary step is in the field of Artificial Intelligence, or “AI.” It’s […]