Silver: More Upside Than Downside Risk in 2018

May 2018 will mark a milestone for the US should the current bull market continue: it will be the second longest economic expansion since WWII. Equities are in record territory. The markets are already pricing in earnings–assuming they will meet or exceed expectations–as well as low rates. And several banks are wagering that the likelihood […]

What to Expect If Hyperinflation Takes Hold in the US

We are all familiar with the variations of George Santayana’s maxim “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” It’s perhaps a bit easier to follow this advice on a personal level, but as a society, not only are the events that make up the “past” much more complex—as it includes events […]

Shielding Your Assets from Government’s War on Cash

Government and central banks are working to gain total control of your financial assets. Fortunately for Americans, our system of democracy makes it difficult for government and banks to achieve this state of control. So they work around it. Instead of imposing excessive taxation–one that would be met by massive revolt–government has been taxing its […]

The Privilege of Owning Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver Resets All Forms of Wealth Over Time – Always Had, Always Will Here’s some news to brighten your day. As a prudent owner of gold and silver, you are part of a privileged group of investors who have chosen assets that have always–and will always–retain their intrinsic value. You are cognizant of […]

Hidden Gold and Silver Opportunities in Bitcoin’s Rise

It’s a matter of looking where everyone else isn’t; finding advantages to exploit on the surface of what appears to be not-so-good-news. Here is what most people see: Bitcoin is clearly outpacing gold and silver. Has Bitcoin become the new safe haven asset, or is it a matter of speculative mania? Are short-term or long-term […]