Why Ray Dalio’s Flip-Flopping Opinion Should Concern You

If you’ve been following our posts, you should know who Ray Dalio is. Financial media seems to believe his opinion matters. After all, his hedge fund Bridgewater Associates is not only the largest hedge fund in the world…Bridgewater made the largest cumulative net profit ever…$50 billion! In Davos, just before the market crash, Ray Dalio […]

Why Gold Didn’t Rally During the Recent Sell-Off

Toward the end of 2017, we saw Bitcoin rise against both a stock market correction and a sideways gold market, giving analysts the impression that perhaps Bitcoin was a new “safe haven” asset; a contender to gold. On February 2, as the Dow began its massive plunge, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies followed, dispelling the popular […]

e-verify a threat to freedom

Why E-Verify is a Threat to Your Freedom

We’ve all lived long enough to see how government programs often have unintended negative consequences; sometimes benign, sometimes dangerous. E-Verify, currently a “voluntary” program, is such an initiative that envelopes negative potential of the dangerous kind. Not only can it fragilize the US economy, it can also strike at the very foundation of societal freedom. […]

Retail Investor Slaughter

Second Warning: Retail Investors are “All-In”

Last November, we reported that retail investors had just recently piled into the markets, rendering them  “fully loaded.” According to a JPMorgan study, 94% of households in were fully invested in the markets. This rush to stocks accounted for the continued rise in the equity markets, despite the possibility that many of the stocks being […]

Janet Yellen's Final Bow

Next Fed Chair Inherits the Risk of Double-Digit Inflation

As with her predecessor, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen too had the fortune of passing the baton just in time to the next fed chair avoiding the cumulative consequences of a bad QE policy. Jerome Powell, the new Fed Chair, may not be so lucky. The Fed expects inflation to rise by 2% this year. But […]