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China Tells State Banks To Sell Dollars And Buy Yuan

Derek Wolfe | September 30, 2022
Economic News | Geopolitical | Noteworthy

First Coin Featuring King Charles III Revealed

Economic Gossip | Economic News | Noteworthy

The Real State of The Stock Market Under Biden

Economic Gossip | Economic News | Gold News | Noteworthy | Silver News

Jerome Powell Confirms That CBDCs Will NOT Be Anonymous

Global Economic Growth Slows As Big Economies Are Pushed Nearer To Recession

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has lowered its forecast for global economic...
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IMF Chief Warns Inflation Today Is Our Biggest Enemy

EDITOR’S NOTE: The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) chief Kristalina Georgieva issued a warning last week that unless all...
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The Fed's Inflation Policy Error Has Cost The World $29 Trillion Since November

EDITOR'S NOTE: Remember when Fed Chair Jay Powell said that inflation will be “transitory”? Do you remember when...
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Biden Denies Inflation While The Fed Desperately Tries To Fix The Mess It Created

EDITOR’S NOTE: President Biden attempted to gaslight Americans once again during his interview with 60 Minutes, stating that...
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Americans Are Seeking Extra Work As Inflation Pressures Worsen

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Great Resignation following the pandemic gave Americans an unprecedented advantage in the labor market. Employee...
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China Made It More Expensive To Bet Against The Yuan As Currency Slips Weaker

EDITOR'S NOTE: China is facing quite a few hurdles as its currency, the yuan, is about to break...
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How The Acceptance of Money Came To Be

EDITOR'S NOTE: There comes a point in everyone’s life when the question “what is money” proves a baffling...
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China House Prices Fall Amid Evergrande Crisis

EDITOR'S NOTE: Remember the fall of China’s second-largest property development firm, Evergrande Group, which took place a little...
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British Pound Falls Against the U.S. Dollar

EDITOR'S NOTE: If the current inflationary surge is something of a throwback to the early 1980s, what do...
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Major U.S. Bank Rates Soar Following Hefty Fed Rates Hikes

EDITOR'S NOTE: US bank rates are about to soar as JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup Inc, and Wells...
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Signs of Trouble In Both The U.S. And Global Economy Are Multiplying

EDITOR'S NOTE: It goes without saying that the troubles in the economy aren’t all domestic. The pain you're...
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A Tough Year Has Investors Seeking Refuge In Cash

EDITOR'S NOTE: Wall Street’s opinion of the economy amid inflation and the Fed’s rate hikes has been made...
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A "Great World Conflict" Is Coming Soon

EDITOR’S NOTE: The President of Serbia recently warned in a UN General Assembly session that in the next...
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Buffett Indicator Warns of a Stock Market Crash

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here we go again: the Buffett indicator. It seems as if we curate a piece on...
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Jamie Dimon Warns Policymakers Should Be Prepared For The Worst

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jamie Dimon warns that the economic uncertainties we face are even more unpredictable than most lawmakers...
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