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US Financial System

International Finance Leaders Are Worried About Global Financial Collapse

digital currency cbdcs

Emmer Introduces Legislation to Prevent The Fed From Issuing CBDCs To Individuals

house price

Runaway House Price Inflation Continues To Characterize The US Market

us china tech war bill

US-China Tech War Grows As US Signs Competition Bill

media outlets

Mainstream Media Isn't Reporting On Wall Street Banks Who Borrowed Repo Loans in September 2019

Gold Standard

It's Been 50 Years Since Nixon Abolished The Gold Standard - Now The Bill Has Come Due


The Rigid Stances Of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

bull market

This Isn't The First Time A Bull Market Has Ended


Evidence of a Decaying Financial System (Hidden In Plain Sight)

fed reserve chair clarida

Fed's Clarida Resigns Two Weeks Early Due To Trading Scandal

interest rate hikes

Markets Are Hit By US Interest Rate Hike

real wages

Real Wages Are Plummeting As US Recovery Remains Weak

the fed's Forecasts

Can We Trust The Fed's Forecasts?

asset class

How Higher Inflation Impacts US Asset Class Returns


Oil Rose For A Third Straight Week

Mass formation psychosis

An Explanation Of "Mass Formation Psychosis"

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