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Jerome Powell Confirms That CBDCs Will NOT Be Anonymous

John Galt | September 29, 2022
Economic News | Gold News | Noteworthy | Silver News

A Tough Year Has Investors Seeking Refuge In Cash

Economic News | Gold News | Platinum News | Rhodium News | Silver News

The Mining Industry Will See Cost Pressures Sticking Around Next Year

Economic News | Gold News | Noteworthy | Silver News

A Deep Recession Is Needed To Reduce US inflation, Citigroup Says

Silver Has Underperformed Gold This Year, But That Could Change Soon

EDITOR'S NOTE: The silver to gold hierarchy has a serious blind spot. Silver hasn’t been getting much love...
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IRS Published Confidential Information Regarding 120,000 Taxpayers Online

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did the IRS might have accidentally published your confidential financial information? No matter how secure a...
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California Will Ban Gas-Powered Vehicles By 2035. Who's Next?

[glossary_exclude][/glossary_exclude]EDITOR'S NOTE: California is looking to ban all gas-powered vehicles by 2035. Such a massive level of adoption...
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How To Use An Oversold Bounce To Your Advantage

EDITOR'S NOTE: Three metals are approaching oversold bounce levels. What does it mean? Interpreting price action on a...
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What The Gold-Silver Ratio Is And How To Use It

EDITOR'S NOTE: For those of you who were following us in 2020, you’ll remember the gold-silver ratio’s astounding...
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Silver Prices Are Down But Higher Prices May Be Ahead

EDITOR'S NOTE: SILVER PRICES ARE DOWN, BUT FOR HOW MUCH LONGER? If you’re a precious metals investor who...
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How Will The Fed Shrink Its Balance Sheet?

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article goes over the dilemma the Fed is facing with regard to quantitative tightening; a...
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Gold Gains, Silver Falls - What Was The Top Performing Precious Metal For The Week?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The top performing precious metal for the week is platinum; the worst is silver. This can...
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Who's Buying Bullion And What It Tells Us About The Future

EDITOR'S NOTE: The MoneyWeek article you’re about to read reports on a somewhat strange phenomenon taking place in...
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JPMorgan's 'Manipulative' Metals Desk Made Shocking Profits From 2008 To 2018

EDITOR'S NOTE: For most gold investors, news that the JPMorgan metals desk illegally cheated the system is old...
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Russia And China Challenge The U.S. Dollar's Global Reserve Status

EDITOR'S NOTE: The moment we’ve expected all along has finally become official: China and Russia just announced a...
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What's In Store For Silver In The Future? $100 An Ounce?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Silver prices have been hit hard over the last year, falling from a high of $30.50...
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The Future of Social Security Is Not Looking Pretty

EDITOR'S NOTE: Nobody with better-than-average capital means would ever depend wholly on Social Security for retirement income. The...
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We Are Currently Experiencing The Most Epic Silver Selloff of All

EDITOR'S NOTE: The author below is right in calling the current selloff in silver “epic.” It may not...
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Is The Commodities Super Cycle Over?

EDITOR'S NOTE: For any investor with large exposure to commodities, it may appear as if the sky is...
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