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The Number of Americans Eligible For Service Declines

Derek Wolfe | October 3, 2022
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A "Great World Conflict" Is Coming Soon

Economic News | Noteworthy | Social Concerns

Year-To-Year Increase in Price of Food Highest Since 1979

Economic News | Noteworthy | Social Concerns

American Food Banks Are Serving At Higher Levels Than Peak Pandemic

What's Wrong With The World? Let's Count The Ways.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you haven’t yet taken a moment to reflect on all the ways everything can go...
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Why Empires Decline: A Lesson For The US Government

EDITOR'S NOTE: There are many theories as to why empires decline, but we’re interested specifically in the history...
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Should AI Be Used For Human Censorship? The WEF Says Yes.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Would it be a “moral” use of AI to censor “immoral” speech online? To state it...
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What Happens When Reality Catches Up To Your Lifestyle

EDITOR'S NOTE: The next article throws a monkey wrench of a question into the functional processes we find...
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Humanity Is Just One Misunderstanding Away From `Nuclear Annihilation’

EDITOR'S NOTE: The chief aim of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), signed in 1968 and implemented in 1970,...
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Political Violence In The U.S. Is On The Rise

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following terms—” political violence”...“US”—typically don’t mix well or haven’t made much of a pairing over...
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Rising Costs Are Bringing Retired Folks Back To Work

EDITOR’S NOTE: The post-pandemic environment seems to have spawned a new category in the American labor force: the...
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Will We See A U.S. Civil War In The Next Few Years?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The year 2020 has shown us that, as Americans, we can no longer agree to what...
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Klaus Schwab Warns The Wold Government Summit of Systemic And Structural Changes Ahead

EDITOR'S NOTE: World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab may be right in claiming that “History is truly at...
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How To Prepare For Nuclear Attack

EDITOR'S NOTE: Prepare for nuclear attack! NYC Emergency Management just released a Nuclear Preparedness video to help New...
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How Substance Abuse Is Affecting The Labor Force Participation Rate

EDITOR'S NOTE: America may be nearing historical lows in its unemployment rate. That would be good news if...
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What Is The Government's Real Motivation For Investing In Indoor Vertical Farming?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Food. Energy. Money. As Henry Kissinger famously said, exercising control over any of these three aspects...
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As Supply Shortages Cause Civil Unrest, The IMF Warns of A Global Food Crisis

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here in the US, our experience of price inflation on top of the ongoing supply shortages...
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Is Coin Hoarding Illegal?

EDITOR'S NOTE: President Duterte’s draconian regime in the Philippines is looking to criminalize what it describes as “coin...
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How Rising Gas Prices Drive Everyday Costs Beyond The Pump

EDITOR'S NOTE: It almost goes without saying that rising fuel costs will likely drive up the cost of...
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