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Social Concerns

Post-Human World

Great Reset Mavens Want a Post-Human World

Advanced Math

Will CA Dept of Education Eliminate Advanced Math Classes For Equality Reasons?


Culbreath's MMT Logic: Ignorant of Basic Economic Principles?

Facebook Advertisers

Facebook Preps Advertisers While Trump Decision Looms

Universal Basic Income

UBI Cannot Be Justified by Artificial Intelligence

Hit The Hardest

Fed Data Shows The Poor Were Hit The Hardest

Tax Cheats

Biden's Plan for Tax Cheats: IRS Will Access Bank Accounts

Control All Content

China Plans to Control All Content on the Internet

American Families Plan

Biden's "American Families Plan" Will Redistribute Trillions?

The Great Reset Trap

The Great Reset Trap: Your Bank Will Become Obsolete

fail banks

Too Big to Fail Banks: Where Are They Now?

Biden Spending Proposals

Survey: Americans Support Biden Spending Proposals

Digital Data

Global Powers Are Rushing to Limit The Power of Digital Data

Covert Operation

Postal Service Covert Operation Monitors Social Media Posts?

Total Births

Fed Induced Inflation Causing Total Births To Collapse

Billions in Overdraft Fees

Pandemic Didn't Stop Billions in Overdraft Fees

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