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Social Concerns

girlie guns

China Cracks Down on Celebrities and "Girlie Guns"

Remote Work

Search For Remote Work Up 460% During Pandemic

Green New Deal

The Green New Deal and the Great Reset Task Force

Bailout Programs

How do Wall Street Bailout Programs Vanish from Monthly Reports?

U.S. Stock Market

Attack on America? Prices for Food and Energy Increase Again

Stacked 90 percent silver quarters and half dollars with a couple of Peace dollars for a numismatic background of obsolete coinage

Digital Payment Methods Making Quarters Hard to Find

Take Your Property

Video: The Global Elite Plans To Take Your Property

U.S. Dollar

US Gov't Eagerly Joins The Global Open Banking Movement

Food Inflation

Food Inflation Fears Amid Soaring Prices and Crop Issues

Arizona Farmers

Water Supply Cuts in the West Will Affect Arizona Farmers

Welfare Payments

Fear and Welfare Payments are Holding Us Together

Downside Risk

Downside Risk to GDP Growth is Linked with Climate Change

Illegal Images

Apple Sparks Privacy Debate over Scanning for Illegal Images

Social Credit

America Following China Towards a Social Credit System

Transfer of Risk

The Wholesale Transfer of Risk Has Accelerated Income Inequality


Millions Will be Cut Off From Pandemic Unemployment in Sept

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