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Social Concerns

toddler malware

New Toddler Malware Strain Attacks 60 Banks In Europe - US Banks Next?


Using the Pandemic as Cover for Tearing Down Democracy

Back to Work

Will the Labor Shortage Drive Inflation Higher?

Dispel Misinformation

Biden Allies Push Wireless Carriers to Dispel Misinformation

Nixon China

In 1971 Nixon Warned of US Decline to China - Because He Held The Receipt?

Troublesome Wages

The Adverse Economic Consequences of “Basic Income”

Access to Food

Pandemic Stifles Access to Food - Hunger Hits Record High

Cryptocurrencies and CBDCs

GNS June Q-Review: Battle Between Cryptocurrencies and CBDCs


Animal Study has Positive Results for Inhaled PIV5 Vaccine


Auto Loans and Credit Card Borrowing Hits Records

Price Inflation

The Housing Bubble is Happening Across Most of the World Now

Dangerous Fall

U.S. Headed for Dangerous Fall Season with Surge In Delta

door-to-door campaign

Biden Organizing Door-to-Door Campaign to Vaccinate Americans

Increased Theft

Increased Theft Cause Target and Walgreens to Change Hours in CA

Unearned Benefits

Proposal for Political Improvement: Limit Unearned Benefits


Ransomware Attack Affects Almost 1,500 Kaseya Users

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