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US Money Supply Up Over $3 Trillion Since March And Value is Fading

Fortify The Dollar
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EDITOR NOTE: The US dollar was officially created 228 years ago. Now, try to conceptualize this figure: of all the dollars in existence, nearly a quarter of this money supply was created in the last year. The erosion of your money’s purchasing power is about to accelerate at levels unprecedented and unseen. Prior to 1792, the Continental Dollar--America’s first currency--was discontinued due to hyper-inflation. It was a paper currency not backed by gold or silver (like ours now). The US Dollar was created in a manner that corrected the Continental’s flaws. But since 1971 the dollar has been on the Continental’s path. And with everything going wrong in 2020, add the dollar to one of its casualties.

Money supply is on a surge. Several charts tell the story.




Originally posted on The Street

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