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The Coming Silver Upsurge As History Repeats

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You’re holding on to silver. And it’s going nowhere. You’re frustrated. You might even be asking yourself, “why am I holding on to this static asset?”.

This won’t be the case for long. Silver is right where it should be. And if market history has any message for us, it’s that the upsurge is on its way.

We know from experience that silver doesn’t always trail gold during every major fluctuation. But we know that when a gold bull market is in place, silver always gains more than gold.

Take a look at the chart below from Reuters. It shows five of gold’s biggest bull markets.

And it also shows us two important things:

During any major gold bull market, silver follows once gold starts to shoot up; and
Silver always gains more than gold at or near the end of the gold bull.

Check it out.

Note that silver trailed gold in three out of five bull markets. More importantly, note how silver surpassed gold in total returns.

Doesn’t this market look familiar?

But here’s something even more important, and it’s what people typically miss: notice how silver remained flat before it began trailing gold.

What kind of uncertainty do you think silver investors experienced during this dormant period?

History is repeating itself yet again.

What every silver investor experienced before--that is, before the upsurge--is exactly what you are experiencing now.

Here’s our current situation:

Gold is up 26% since its bottom in December 2015. Silver is up a mere 24%.

Year to date, gold has risen 3.4% as compared with silver’s 1.3%.

What we’re seeing now with silver is not a “lag.” It’s a setup.

And this is what we should expect from silver’s performance as gold continues to rise.

Silver’s average advance is around 378%. But we’re in a different monetary situation now.

You’ve probably heard talks about the creation of a world monetary system within the next two years.

Centralizing money across the globe will not work. But if implemented, it will cause major problems before governments realize that it’s too problematic.

And it is in the space of these problems that silver’s rise will be far from its average advance. Silver will rise much higher and farther than it ever has in the past. So will gold.

So what does this all tell you? Hang on.

History has already told us the end of the story. Silver is about to experience a multiple expansion.

And when it does, you will want to be there along with it.

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