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Commerzbank Maintains Bullish Bias on Silver Price

Silver demand
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EDITOR NOTE: Strategists at Commerzbank believe that silver has hit its price floor and is now on the way to recovery. They now predict there will be a continued upward trend in the price of silver, saying, “We will for now maintain our longer-term bullish bias.” Precious metals like silver are a smart long-term hedge against inflation, market crashes, and devaluation of the dollar, all of which look like they are coming in 2021. Getting in on non-CUSIP silver and gold now, as the bull market may just be getting started, could be a good way to protect your wealth against the coming economic downturn. 

Silver’s spike lower is viewed as exhaustive and held over a major band of support. Strategists at Commerzbank would allow for consolidation and recovery.

XAG/USD longer-term bullish bias maintained

“Silver saw complete rejection from the 200-day ma and sold off aggressively towards the long-term pivotal support at $21.87/17. It is considered to be a major band of support. Given that the market has spiked down to this area and recovered we will for now maintain our longer-term bullish bias.” 

“Initial resistance is the $23.76 March low and $24.46 the 27th July low but tougher resistance is not encountered until $26.07, last week's high.” 

“Below $21.17 (not favoured) would see another leg lower to the $20.75/50% retracement and then the 200-week ma at $18.88.” 

Original post from FX Street

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