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Could Mastercard Really Track and Block Your Purchases?

Block Your Purchases
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EDITOR NOTE: Entrepreneur and investment Youtube-er Mark Moss examines the new technology being rolled out by major financial institutions that, he says, could potentially cut you off “from even being able to buy the things that you want, such as food, travel, accessories, and more.” In this video, he goes through tools that financial companies are already using to track consumer’s purchases, such as MasterCard’s “Carbon Calculator.” Moss notes that while some of this data may be useful to consumers, what it could be used for by Big Banks and the government down the line is much more worrisome. These tools already have the capability to block your purchases when certain thresholds are reached. Right now, these thresholds are set by the consumer but, as Moss points out, they could just as easily be set by the company or government in the near future. Moss also hypothesizes that tools like these could ultimately be used to implement a Chinese-style social credit score or to severely limit personal choice as part of a “Great Reset.”

The next phase of financial controls are here! Are you ready to be told what you can or can't buy? What you can or can't consume? What you can spend your own money on? What if I told you that you could potentially be cut off from even being able to buy the things that you want, such as food, travel, accessories, and more. The technology is here, it's in the testing phase right now. It's being implemented by some of the largest payment processors in the entire world. So in this video, I'm going to break down

- What is going on

- Whose evolved

- What they're doing

- What this test phase looks like

- Where this is ultimately going to go

And what you should be doing / paying attention to - to protect yourself so you can have more freedom for yourself, your family, and the future!

Original post from Mark Ross

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