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Do Quarantine Measures Target Hard-Working, American-Made Loving Trump Supporters? 

Do Quarantine Measures Target Trump Supporters? 
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You cannot turn on the TV or listen to the radio today without hearing the “debate” over when America should reopen our economy. The problem is, this is a ridiculous argument because the American economy--in its totality--is not shut down at all. Just specific parts of it are.

All you have to do is take a close look and you’ll see the disparity. Walmart, Amazon, and Alibaba are still very much open for business while family-owned small businesses have been forced to shut their doors. McDonald's and Taco Bell are still cranking out orders while independent restaurants have had to shut down or try to survive on a small, take out only business. 

This means that the backbone of the American economy has been forced to shut their doors, lay off, or furlough employees.

Huge corporations who pump Chinese-made junk into the country are not only open but are so busy that they are hiring

Who are these small business owners who are bearing the brunt of the economic “shut down”? They are small business owners. They are people who personally employ fellow Americans. They are people who have fought huge corporations and cheap, foreign competition. Many, if not most, are Trump supporters.

In addition to huge big-box companies, the internet and social media giants are prospering. They are making do while censoring anyone questioning the government’s pandemic narrative.

The government is also not shut down. A good thing, perhaps, but also an indication of waste and disparity. Non-essential government employees who have been sent home are not facing the risks that most American business owners and blue-collar workers have to face. These non-essential workers are still being paid with taxpayer money.

White-collar professionals, media people, academics, and other coastal elites are all still being paid too. Most others throughout the middle of the country have been laid off.

In short, people who work hard and do physical labor for a living, who own small businesses, who live outside of major coastal cities, and who find things like community and church important have all been deemed to be “nonessential”. It sounds a lot like the same groups of people labeled “deplorable” just four years ago.

Could it be that the people making these decisions--the global elites from Ivy League universities--have never liked these “deplorable” people and have made no secret about it? Might this be why it’s easy for them to call their fellow elites essential and the rest of us nonessential?

With the election on the horizon, this ruling class has made its next move to try and do what they couldn’t in 2016. They have taken these hard-working people, many of whom voted for President Trump, and they’ve locked them up in their homes,  taking away their livelihood. They have taken the control of people’s own lives away from them and put them in the hands of the government, the Department Public Health, the multinational corporations, the agribusiness goliaths, the big banks, and Wall Street.

As everyday Americans wait for their little checks in the mail and hope they are still able to support themselves and their families when this is all over, a few things become abundantly clear.

First, this pandemic hysteria has disproportionality hurt a very specific section of the country, Trump voters. And second, the people most affected by this need to work together to help get things back to normal and to Make America Great Again.

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