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Why Experts Think Gold Value Would Surge if Trump is Elected

trump gold surge
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When it comes to unique presidential candidates, Trump has the market cornered. But what would actually happen to the market if he is elected to office? Many pundits believe that this billionaire’s creative financial strategies and his desire to push for a digital currency would raise the standing of gold products for years to come.

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to agree that Trump’s financial acumen is unrivalled. He’s been able to manipulate the value of the dollar for both his own gain and his business’ for decades, and has dealt in gold in many ways over the years. In his personal holdings, he owns a large amount of physical gold, including bullion and other forms. He has actually used gold as currency—in 2011, The Trump Organization accepted it as a form of payment from a tenant for a lease. Since 20 percent of the country already accepts gold bullion as currency, his election to Commander-in-Chief could make this trend grow even faster.

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If Trump is elected, he’s promised to enter a currency war with the EU, China and the other global forces to be reckoned with. To do this, he would need to make moves to weaken the value of the dollar, which would result in a higher gold value on the domestic front, if not the global arena as well. Several other candidates support a form of the Gold Standard as well, including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee. There is a lot of support among conservatives, many of which, own gold themselves.

Gold stood the test of time as a marketplace currency for thousands of years. If Trump does get elected to office, we could see it return to a position of primary legal tender and a surge in its value across the globe.

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