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Fed Reserve: Kashkari Encourages More Fiscal Relief

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EDITOR NOTE: The Federal Reserve is overstepping its boundaries, from intervening in fiscal matters and now intervening in matters of medical policy. Kashkari wants more money printing and another COVID lockdown. Here’s the irony: the lockdown is a short-term solution aimed at preventing a longer-term problem, while money printing is a long-term problem generated by a short-term solution.

Neel Kashkari says the US economy needs more fiscal relief.

Act Now Kashkari Tells Congress

Please note Fed’s Kashkari Urges Congress to Act, Suggests Fresh Lockdown.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari told CBS’s “Face the Nation” that Americans are saving more because they aren’t going out as much during the pandemic, and as a result there would be less need to borrow from abroad to finance additional fiscal aid.

“So while historically we would worry about racking up too much debt, we’re generating the savings ourselves. That means Congress has the resources to support those who are most hurting,” he said. 

“Right now the U.S. can fund itself at very, very low rates. Congress should use this opportunity to support the American people and the American economy.”

“If we were to lock down hard for a month or six weeks, we could get the case count down so that our testing and our contact tracing was actually enough to control it,” Kashkari said.

“If we don’t do that, and we just have this raging virus spread throughout the country with flare-ups and local lockdowns for the next year or two, which is entirely possible, we’re going to see many, many more business bankruptcies.”

Fed Independence?

The Fed hollers every time Trump or Congress meddles in monetary policy, but the Fed repeatedly meddles in fiscal policy. 

And here's a new one: The Fed is willing to interject its beliefs about medical policy as well.

Originally posted on The Street

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