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Fed Dumps Record Cash In America And M2 Money Velocity Crashes

M2 Money Velocity
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EDITOR NOTE: Hyperinflation is on the way, as evidenced by the M2 money supply (all the money in circulation) skyrocketing. Yet money velocity (the money actually exchanging hands in the US) dropped like a slab of iron to a giant magnet. One factor intended to feed into another, yet resulting in a schizoid split. There’s another schism amid this failure: the wealth of the top 1% surged while those at the bottom 50% plunged—a coincidence or a factor that the Fed refuses to acknowledge. Apparently, the Fed does more than engineer booms and busts. It also picks the winners and the losers. Look at these charts closely and realize your fate as an American has been decided for you by globalists who aim to stick you in a socialist box of ordinary human beings. April 1, this game will accelerate with the introduction of fintech by way of FDIC-approved lending corporations like Google and Amazon. September 30 it will come to a dramatic conclusion with the revaluation of the SDR by the IMF. Prepare now or suffer the losses when hyperinflation sets in later. Buy non-CUSIP gold and silver by calling 800-474-9159!

Yes, The Federal Reserve is having its own WKRP Turkey Drop, except they are dropping piles cash. Powell: “As God is my witness, I thought M2 Money could fly.”

Sorry Jerome, M2 Money velocity is hitting the pavement like a sack of wet cement.

But the true tragedy is the disparate effect The Fed’s 2008/9 “Turkey Drop.”

The result was an increasing share of total assets held by the top 1% (wealth) and a decreasing share of total assets held by the bottom 50% (wealth).

M2 Money Velocity

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