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Fed Worsens Wealth Inequality: Rent for Housing Soars 22%

Wealth Inequality
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EDITOR NOTE: Wealth inequality, racial inequality, the poor, and the unbanked. Noble objectives that somehow became a secondary, albeit unofficial, mandate for the Fed. Just like fiat money itself, these side issues represent a purpose but only at a “nominal” and not “actual” level. The charts below provide damning evidence that the Fed is creating the very wealth inequality it claims to be countering. The same can be said of the Biden administration. With rents up 22%, food soaring to over 67%, housing prices rising in some cases to 272%, and a stock market that’s rallying as if the economy is truly out of the woods, who’s really benefiting from this...besides the wealthy elite?

Talk about government making wealth inequality worse. But The Federal Reserve, part of wealth inequality problem, apparently just can’t say no to worsening inequality.

Median asking rent for housing (white line) in the US rose 22% since January 2020, the beginning of the Covid epidemic. The Federal Reserve intervened (again) in March with a massive surge in mortgage-backed securities (orange line). The median price of existing home sales rose 27.6% over the same time period.

Wealth Inequality

A Realtor friend of mine in California sent me this graphic for Laguna Beach, California. Condo median prices up 272.2% since last year. Great news for households that already own housing, really bad news for renters.

I just shook my head when The White House proclaimed that food for July 4th BBQs are down compared to last year.

Odd, because food is actually up 67% since the same time last year. Talk about cherry-picking data.

Wealth Inequality

It is less that Biden’s economic plans are working(?), but rather it is The Federal Reserve printing wealth inequality by benefiting some and not others.

The Federal Reserve is here to blow asset bubbles and kick wealth inequality’s ass. And they are all out kick ass for wealth inequality.

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