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Gas Prices Hit $7.59 A Gallon In This California Town

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EDITOR'S NOTE: It’s apparent everywhere that gas prices are quickly rising, but it is likely that nowhere in the country feels the pain like the residents of Gorda, California. The town, located on the Big Sur coast, about 40 minutes north of San Simeon, is known for gouging consumers with gas prices as the nearest gas stations are 12 miles south and 40 miles north. The town’s gas station is now offering regular unleaded for an unbelievable $7.59, and for Premium, the cost is almost $8.50. While Gorda’s gougers aren’t reflective of the rest of the country, it does offer a scary look at what could happen if gas prices continue to climb.

GORDA, Calif. (KABC) -- Gas keeps getting more and more expensive, especially in California. But perhaps nowhere is it pricier than the remote central coast community of Gorda.

The town's only gas station is offering regular unleaded for $7.59. Premium is nearly $8.50.

The town has long been known for having some of the highest prices in the country. A sign at the gas station notes the next nearest station is 40 miles away to the north and 12 miles to the south.

Gorda is located along the Big Sur coast, about 40 minutes north of San Simeon.

Originally posted on ABC7.

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