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George Soros Reaps $73 Million From Las Vegas Sorrows

Soros Protests Riots
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Once again, George Soros reaped a huge profit—this time to the tune of $73 MILLION--by betting against MGM just weeks before the Las Vegas Massacre.

 Did Soros have foreknowledge of this horrific mass killing
and did he exploit it for profit?

This pattern of profit-reaping bears similarity to what had happened right before the September 11, 2001 attacks. Individuals who had foreknowledge of the attacks were able to position themselves financially to make a fortune.

Serving as “puppetmaster” to the nefarious agencies he is attached, George Soros along with MGM CEO James Murren, who unloaded 80% of his shares, enriched themselves just weeks prior to MGM’s decline, triggered by the massacre.

In a recent Foreign Intelligence Service report circulating in the Kremlin, a segment regarding the “Pyramid Sacrifice” (what they call the Las Vegas Massacre) details George Soros’ massive stock manipulation deal in anticipation of the shooting. What gave Soros any indication in August 2017--8 weeks before the attack--that MGM stocks would fall? What compelled Soros Investments to buy PUTS on 1,350,000 shares of MGM stock?



  • Some people are questioning as to whether George Soros knew of the massacre beforehand and whether he bought puts in anticipation of the horrific event.
  • Even more frightening, some are questioning whether George Soros ARRANGED the incident?

George Soros manages an investment fund that is required to file quarterly statements to the Securities and Commission (SEC) disclosing his positions. His most recent filings raise a few suspicious questions.

If you look at the form he filed on 5/15/2017 and compare it with his 8/14/2017 SEC Form 3f, you’ll notice the changes he made to his portfolio. He apparently had very little interest in gaming stocks...EXCEPT FOR MGM.

Here’s what you’ll find in the 5/15 filing:

  • LVS (Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson’s casinos) – owned 5,000 shares
  • WYNN (Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn’s casinos) – owned 3,500 shares
  • MGM – Soros held no position.

Now check out the 8/14 filing, and notice the interesting changes:

  • LVS – sold 1,400 shares, leaving him with 3,600.
  • WYNN – sold all 3,500 shares, leaving him with no position….and then…
  • MGM – bought put options--meaning he was betting that the stock would FALL--to the tune of 1,350,000 shares.      

A few questions:

 Why did Soros Investment Fund open a put position worth 1.35 MILLION MGM shares when he had absolutely NO interest in MGM just three months earlier?

 What information did Soros have indicating that MGM would fall?

 Was Soros in cahoots with CEO James Murren...who apparently sold 80% of his shares BEFORE the attack took place?

 Whenever suspicious financial activity occurs, you need to follow the money and ask WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS EVENT?

 It is clear to all of us who benefitted financially from the Las Vegas Massacre:

 59 dead

527 injured

= $73,000,000 profit to George Soros.

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