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GLD Fund is Holding Illiquid Central Bank Gold According To SEC Filings

GLD Fund

The Latest SEC filing of the SPDR GLD fund, from August 10th, reveals something sinister is taking place in the world of Gold!

GLD is the fund your stockbroker recommends if you tell him/her you are thinking about physical Gold. This fund is controlled by the parent bank HSBC (Hong-Kong Shanghai Banking Corp.)

  • On May 21st, the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) was holding 70 tonnes of Gold at sub-custodian the Bank of England.
  • On June 30th, the GLD held 40 tonnes of Gold at the Bank of England.


This is yet another reason for you to hold Physical non-CUSIP Gold and Silver, off-exchange now!

Here is the full SEC Filing:

Just Say No to Gold owned By The Queen of England.

For those who took a profit on Saturday when I made the call, we are happy for you! 

And for those looking to enter the market, we should say a big thank you to the bullion banks and a few hedge funds for giving us just one last opportunity to dump worthless fiat for real money - physical gold and silver.

And for those holding, remember the Fed is printing $33,000 per ounce of gold and $4100 per ounce of Silver - I believe there is a lot more growth ahead! 





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