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Gold and Silver Market Weekly Wrap-Up - Week Ending August 7th, 2020

Gold Silver Market
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Here is a quick snapshot of Gold's Performance, "Year Over Year."

Here is a quick snapshot of Silver's Performance so far, "Year Over Year."

China and Russia are eliminating the dollar from their market's existence! The decline in use is extremely visible in this trade settlement chart below. 

Gold is in high demand! As you can see from the COMEX charts below this is the highest year on record and we aren't finished yet. 

The market is rising fast, and the question keeps coming up, "How Much Profit Do I have?"

In order to calculate your portfolio growth, log in to your GSI Custom Dashboard, and check your coin values live, even if you didn't buy from us. 

We feel this is a good time to take profits if you need to and remember, you can cash out in any currency in the world! 

Simply call us to have your metal picked-up FedEx Insured. Give us your preference of Check or Wire, and we'll send your cash-out value immediately. 

Here's a video refresher of our Dashboard Services, available to you 24/7; 


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