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Gold and Silver Market Weekly Wrap-Up - Week Ending July 24th 2020

Gold Silver Market
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Here is a quick snapshot of Gold's Performance so far, "Year Over Year."

Here is a quick snapshot of Silver's Performance so far, "Year Over Year."

Here is our chart of the week.

Chart note: This long-term chart on the annual average price of gold since 1970 dispels the notion that gold is somehow volatile or unpredictable and as a result unreliable as a long-term portfolio safe haven. On the contrary, it shows gold living up to its reputation as a reliable portfolio safe haven during times of rapidly changing economic circumstances.  The strong showing for 2019 is worth noting with the average price at $1392 per ounce. At this week’s near-record close price of $1904 (not shown on chart), gold is now trading 36% higher than 2019’s average price.

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