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Gold Metal Prices Expected to Rally Through 2016


Updated: March 21, 2022

gold metal prices
Editor’s Note:

Gold has rallied 30 percent year to date—proving its status as the one safe haven investors can count on for stability during economic turmoil. When even some of the typically most stable stocks are down, gold products and other precious metals remain one of the best ways to hedge your portfolio. In economic climates such as what we’re currently experiencing, every investor should buy some gold.

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In addition to the fact that gold prices have surged this year, investing in precious metals also protects against market volatility. It’s a currency that can never be manipulated and one that has stood the test of time. Gold is a rare commodity, something that other currencies never will be.

Top Forecaster Predicts Continued Rally

Now some of the world’s top financial analysts are predicting a bullish outlook for the rest of this year. One of the world’s top forecasters—ranked as the most accurate in the world by Bloomberg—Georgette Boele of Dutch state-owned bank ABN Amro, believes gold will experience even greater gains before the end of the third quarter—to the tune of $1425. That’s 4.4 percent higher than current prices.

The 43-year old currency and commodity analyst has a strong record of accuracy—in 2013, she was bearish about gold right before there was a downturn in the market. Boele turned bullish about gold products in February of this year.

In addition, ABN Amro predicts an increase in prices for other precious metals, including platinum, silver and palladium. The forecast for platinum prices is six percent higher than current prices at $1150 per ounce. For silver, the bank expects prices to end quarter three at around $21.50 per ounce. Palladium, which is trading at around $608, is forecast to surge to $620 per ounce.

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