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Gold Products and the U.S. Presidential Election

gold products
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Many investors and those interested in gold products and other precious metals are wondering how the looming United States 2016 Presidential election will affect the market. With all of the economic and political volatility this year, such as the passing of the Brexit referendum, weakened currencies and lack of confidence in central banks, the election may very well have a heavy impact on the market. Some of the world’s most renowned investors view this as the most important political risk to consider over coming months.

The Race Heats Up

As the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump heats up, momentum for each candidate seems to shift from week to week. While polls show that both candidates are the least liked in American history, one of them will become the nation’s president. When it comes to gold products and precious metals, does it matter who actually wins the election?

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Will Election Results Affect the Price of Gold Products

As we head into the final stages of the election, most analysts believe that the stock markets will not be affected positively by either two candidates taking office. With other geopolitical factors and worldwide economic turbulence to consider, it seems that the outcome of the election will drive gold product prices up. Look at what happened directly after Brexit—both gold and silver products surged. Many believe that the same will happen after the United States President is chosen.

If Trump becomes president, this may really affect gold product prices positively, as he has implied that he would like to devalue the U.S. dollar either directly or indirectly. Either way, in times of unpredictability, some of the savviest investors seek refuge for their funds in stable investments such as gold products and other precious metals.

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