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Hong Kong Rollout of Humanoid Robots Will Replace Workers

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EDITOR NOTE: It’s one thing to be replaced by a robot. It’s another thing altogether to be replaced by a robot that looks and sounds human but with an AI-driven brain--in short, “humanoid” robots. That’s exactly what Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics is set to roll out, starting with the healthcare and education industry. The company accelerated its production of “social robots” in response to the anticipated extension of social distancing mandates. Though not as dramatic as James Cameron’s 1984 film The Terminator, the role of humans in the economy is already undergoing a “termination” process. We’re witnessing the dawn of machines and the demise of human relevance in certain industries. Let’s put it in this way--if your work doesn’t involve much “productive” thinking or “anti-productive” bureaucratic nonsense, and if your actual workload hasn’t been reduced in the last few years, well guess may be one of the first to go. Think about it. 

A Hong Kong-based robotics company plans to mass produce humanoid robots to replace workers across industries such as healthcare and education.

Hanson Robotics is set to launch a mass rollout of human-like robots that can compete with human workers, something the company’s founder says is needed to keep people safe in the age of the coronavirus.

“The world of Covid-19 is going to need more and more automation to keep people safe,” founder and chief executive David Hanson claims. 

Hanson says the manufacturing process of putting together such robots has scaled to the point where his company can produce the AI machines in large quantities. The plan is to ramp up production of four models, including their best known model ‘Sophia’, and the new ‘Grace’ robot that are specifically built to labor in healthcare.

“Social Robots like me can help take care of the sick or elderly in many corners of healthcare and medical uses,” the Sophia robot said in a video by Reuters (it must be 2021 if robots are being quoted in the news).

“I can help communicate, give therapy, and provide social stimulation even in difficult situations,” the robot further spoke.

The ‘Sophia’ machine is best known for receiving citizenship in Saudi Arabia and being appointed the UN’s first non-human “innovation Champion.” Yes, really …

Hanson’s sale pitch is that the robots can provide for people who are “lonely and socially isolated” during these times when Covid and lockdowns still effect many populations.

“People need to be isolated from each other because to be around people is dangerous these days,” Hanson chillingly told Reuters.

The development and utility of the human like machines such as the ones being developed by Hanson Robotics is a nod to the long dreaded fear that the AI/robotics industries are coming for jobs considered to be well paying and respected.

During the Covid-19 pandemic robots were deployed in many parts of the world to enforce mask mandates and other social distancing edicts.

Humanoid robots have also been deployed in Wuhan hospitals to provide services such as admission and food delivery for patients.

Originally posted on Planet Free Will

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