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How ESG Credit Scores Will Impact Your Life

ESG credit score
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EDITOR NOTE: This video is a partner piece to another we curated on Bank of America and its role in the Great Reset. Allow me to preface it with a question: what might happen when “shareholder” capitalism transforms into “stakeholder” capitalism? Who are the stakeholders? Those at the top making decisions. In a world where the Reset has taken place, it would be the CEO and other C-level executives, and various government agencies. In stakeholder capitalism, at least the kind envisioned by the globalists who play a role in trying to establish a global new order, business is a function of ideology; an expression of ideology. Therefore business will be assessed not according to operational performance, but ideological “performance”; in short, character and potentially ESG credit scores. If businesses are not in alignment with certain “values,” those businesses will be shut out. So, if businesses are forced to align themselves with the prevailing values dictated by the ruling regime, the citizens will have to follow suit. No longer a government by the people for the people, it will be a global government that defines the quality and use-value of people for the government. People will become commodities for the government to “consume.” Now is the time to opt-out with non-CUSIP gold and silver before it's too late. 

Glenn explains how The Great Reset may soon influence EVERY financial aspect of your life — from car loans, business loans, mortgages, and more. It's all thanks to the partnership between America's biggest banks, the federal government, and global groups like the World Economic Forum…and it has already begun: The Heartland Institute's Justin Haskins describes how Merrill Lynch now assigns ESG credit scores for customers. It may not affect you yet. But soon, a low score — based on things like products you buy or how much electricity you use — could SIGNIFICANTLY impact your life.

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Originally posted on Glenn Beck

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