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How To Prepare For Nuclear Attack

John Galt

Updated: July 15, 2022

russia nuclear weapons
Editor’s Note:


Prepare for nuclear attack! NYC Emergency Management just released a Nuclear Preparedness video to help New Yorkers mitigate the risks of a nuclear attack. It’s highly reminiscent of the 1950s nuclear survival ads that were aired on TV. It’s understandable that the local NYC government would produce such a video; after all, NYC is considered a major target for foreign belligerents should one take place. The video outlines three steps. Staying inside is probably the best option; I mean, where else would you want to be? Cleaning yourself if you survived the blast outdoors might get the nuclear dust off your clothes and skin, but neither soap nor shampoo would make for the best treatment for radiation exposure (unless I’m way off in my thinking). And the third step, staying tuned is something people are likely to do anyway, even if electronic infrastructure will likely be rendered ineffective after a nuclear attack. 

Our thought bubble: The video begins with the words “So, there’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why…” What does this mean? Is the government simultaneously downplaying yet calling attention to the likelihood of a nuclear exchange with Russia? Or is it that America was caught with its pants down during 911, the pandemic, and now the possibility of a nuclear war? A nuclear war would likely bring Armaggedon. But even then, according to NYC authorities, only the government can tell you when it’s okay to do anything other than sheltering at home. So, even during the end of days, when humanity itself may be hanging by a thread, the government still seeks to assert its importance and authority?

Source: NYC Emergency Management via YouTube

Originally published on YouTube via NYC Emergency Management.

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