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IMF Planned Agenda For Monday Oct 12

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EDITOR NOTE: European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde discusses the future prospects of a digital Euro. Lagarde says the “writing is on the wall,” that the “media of the currency will change,” favoring digitization. Several banks are testing currency digitization as we speak; China at the forefront of these developments. What does this mean for the US dollar, currently behind in these developments? What does it mean for the global fiat system as a whole? And will this eventually mean for gold and silver, soon to be the last remaining currencies left possessing tangibility?


7:00 AM EDT: Governor Talk: Structural Transformation After the Pandemic - We Have a Choice!

As part of the Governor Talks series, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde and IMF European Department Director Alfred Kammer discuss the post-pandemic landscape and challenges for policy makers in Europe.


9:00 AM EDT: Analytical Corner: Changing Societies

Session 1: Migration:The Impact on Countries of Origin and Receiving Countries
Session 2: Automation and Jobs in Europe: How Workers View the Future of Work
Session 3: Effectiveness of Containment Policies and Labor Market Adjustment in Latin America: The Role of Informality

9:30 AM EDT: Capacity Development Talk: Promoting Effective Use of COVID-19 Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa

In this CD Talk, panelists discuss the role of the IMF in helping Sub-Saharan Africa to promote good governance and minimize the risk of corruption in the use of COVID-19 financial support.

Speakers include Antoinette Sayeh, Deputy Managing Director, IMF; Jutta Urpilainen, European Commissioner for International Partnerships; Hon. Régis Immongault, Gabonese Parliament and Finance and Budget Commission; Beauty Emefa Narteh, Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition; Roger Nord, Institute for Capacity Development, IMF; Vitor Gaspar, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF; Abebe Aemro Selassie, African Department, IMF

12:00 PM EDT: Governor Talk: Uruguay featuring a discussion with Azucena Arbeleche, Minister of Economy and Finance, moderated by Alejandro Werner, Director, Western Hemisphere Department, IMF

1:00 PM EDT: New Economy Forum: Learning in the Time of COVID

The pandemic is exposing and exacerbating inequalities, putting tremendous pressure on students, parents, and teachers, and leaving millions of kids at risk of dropping out of school. These pressures could leave lasting scars on an entire generation of learners. Sal Khan, Founder and CEO of the Khan Academy, and Sabina Bhatia, Deputy Secretary of the IMF, will discuss the challenges to our students and our education systems, the value and limitations of virtual learning, and the long-term impact on our societies. Watch the discussion and send your questions here

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