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Inflation Never Materialized After the Last Crisis.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Really? Are you serious JPMorgan? INFLATION is the money managers "happy term" for DEVALUATION. They like to spin the truth - by saying "things" cost more nowadays because the "price has (magically) inflated". What a bunch of junk! The FACT is this - they (the money masters) have digitally created 2.2 Trillion (at least) in just the past few weeks alone (hiding it by calling it COVID 19 Stimulus) to add on on top of the already ballooning US debt load!  That act alone has devalued every single dollar in your pocket or wallet or purse or bank account - because there are MORE dollars now than they were before. This is the real reason for devaluation - eh'hem, inflation.  Apparently, the proverbial "THEY" think you are stupid.... but we think YOU are far smarter than they are!


JPMorgan Thinks This Time Is Different.

As the U.S. budget deficit swells, the firm warns investors to brace for inflation.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is warning investors that an inflation bomb may go off in the aftermath of the coronavirus recession — even though it failed to ignite in the record-long expansion following the 2008 financial crisis.

“Investors would still be well advised to structure their portfolios with an eye to the possibility that it could,” David Kelly, chief global strategist of JPMorgan’s asset management unit, wrote in a Monday note. He recommended real assets such as real estate and precious metals, saying they “can serve an important, although long-redundant role, in protecting a portfolio against the risk of inflation.” 

High inflation may emerge this time around for a range of reasons, including a faster recovery once a vaccination is widely available, potentially looser regulations surrounding bank lending, and a lack of fiscal restraint among Democrats and Republicans, Kelly said. “Both the Federal Reserve and the federal government will likely be in a more expansionary mode.” 


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