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Iron Dome Missile Interceptor Live Test Successful

iron dome
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EDITOR NOTE: Israel sits in the midst of a sea of countries that hate them. To protect themselves, they created an “Iron Dome” missile defense system to strike down missiles before they land on targets in the Holy Land. As America runs from the Afghanistan debacle and tensions with Russia, China, and Iran grow, World War III looks closer than ever. The government is now preparing in case this global fight comes to American soil. The U.S. Army, in conjunction with the Israeli Defense Ministry's Administration, conducted the first successful iron Dome test in the States this week in New Mexico. While the successful test could make some Americans feel safer, the fact that they had to do it at all should scare Americans even more.

THE US Army successfully fired its first Iron Dome missile interceptor on Monday as fears of World War Three build across the world.

The troops this morning completed the first test of the missile defense battery that can stop rockets in their tracks.

The experiments took place in White Sands, New Mexico, where troops were intercepting targets.

Teams worked with the Israeli Defense Ministry's Administration to run the tests on Monday.

The Iron Dome system is expected to "protect deployed American forces from a variety of aerial threats, including cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, rockets, and shrapnel," according to the ministry.

The test was hailed as a success just after 9am EST.

"The US Army, the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) and RAFAEL have successfully completed a live-fire test of the first US Army Iron Dome Defense System (IDDS-A) Battery, which the U.S. acquired from Israel," the Israeli Ministry of Defense wrote in a tweet.

"The performance and live-fire test was conducted at the White Sands New Mexico (WSMR) test range and was the first time US soldiers intercepted live targets employing the Iron Dome System.

Original post from The Sun

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