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Is Political Correctness Dumbing Down America?

Political Correctness
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EDITOR NOTE: Do certain policies like “political correctness” encourage mediocrity? Does it risk “dumbing down” America? Without it, perhaps people will speak and act with more honesty, which is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean that they’re going to get any smarter. The idea that Americans are becoming more mediocre presumes that our baseline was once above (whatever the smarter folks consider) the mediocrity line. How do you even begin to define that? People have the capacity to become absolutely brilliant at certain things and mediocre or inept at others. We know that many big companies are no longer requiring a college degree for upper-level positions as long as candidates can demonstrate knowledge and potential. That’s a good first step. Getting rid of historical monuments or namesakes unfavorable to the majority attests to the fact that “symbolic power” can be greater than operational function, don’t you think? On the larger scale of things, perhaps moral imperatives shouldn’t be mandated or legislated. Speaking and acting with honesty (save for committing a violent or criminal offense) might do you, and everyone around you, a favor. It takes guts to be honest. It also assumes a level of risk. But if your baseline is inherently “dumb” to begin with, know that politically-incorrect honesty won’t make you any smarter; only more prone to conflict. And heaven forbid that you enter into conflict with someone who is not only more intelligent but much more aggressive than you.

Political correctness demands mediocrity. So expect more of it.

The Dumbing Down of America

Andrey Kessler at the Wall Street Journal accurately notes Mediocrity Is Now Mandatory

  • In January the College Board announced it would eliminate the essay portion of the SAT, as well as all of the separate SAT subject tests. Their stated purpose was “reducing and simplifying demands on students.” Such a burden.
  • When the University of California system did away with racial preferences in 1996, it moved to holistic admissions. Grades are only a suggestion—and SAT scores are biased, supposedly. 
  • Virtually all universities and now many companies have D&I departments, for diversity and inclusion. Sounds worthy. But as far as I can tell, the No. 1 job of a D&I department is to hire more people into the D&I department. No one ever mentions excellence.
  • Many schools, like Hampshire College, Antioch University and Reed College, don’t even bother with meaningful grades—feelings might get hurt.
  • The Biden administration constantly points out “firsts”—its gender and racially selected cabinet, vice president and other appointments. Great, but why not say “best” rather than first? 
  • An avowed socialist, mittens and all, is now chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, in whose hands merit will burn while mediocrity flourishes.

Political Correctness

A week ago I noted Politically Correct Educators Vote to Rename 44 SF Schools Including Washington and Lincoln.

The San Francisco school board is leading the surge in political correctness by voting to rename 44 schools.

Washington, Jefferson, McKinley, Monroe, John Muir, Robert Louis Stevenson, Daniel Webster, Herbert Hoover, Francis Scott Key, Mission, and Paul Revere are among the names targeted. 

The stated cost is $10,000 per school. That's $440,000 just for new signs. 

By the time they finish replacing all the statues, stationary, murals, and uniforms, I expect the board will waste double that.

A Few Politically Incorrect Points

  1. Changing the name on an building will not change anything  going on inside.
  2. Eliminating the essay portion of the SAT will not improve reading ability.
  3. Eliminating grades does not make people smarter, nor does giving everyone an A, nor does letting students grade themselves.
  4. Diversity for diversity's sake does not benefit blacks or anyone else.
  5. It's not just black lives that matter.
  6. Sheltering kids does not prepare them for the real world.

Why People Voted For Trump

If you are looking for a reason why millions of people voted for Trump, look no further. 

Every bit of this is a complete outrage. It is exactly why Trump got elected in 2016 and had he toned things down a bit in 2020 he probably would have gotten reelected.

Biden needs to speak out against this. But he won't. Instead he has embraced it. The dumbing down of the USA will accelerate.

Originally posted on The Street

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