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Video: Exposing The Great Reset Masterplan

The Great Reset
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EDITOR NOTE: The Pandemic gave the International Monetary Fund and the World Economic Forum the moment of opportunity they needed to bring forth the monetary agenda they've been planning for decades. Converging with these two globalist institutions are big tech companies and Socialist Democrats in our own government who want to accelerate the digitization of currencies in order to play the endgame in the War on Cash. This coalition of efforts will culminate in what’s popularly referred to as The Great Reset. In this new world order, the US dollar will no longer hold its global reserve status. All currencies will be digitized so that central banks and non-bank corporations, in cooperation with the IMF, will be able to fully monitor and control the issuance and circulation of all money. Under the banner of economic and social equality, wealth and income will come under the control of the government. It’s essentially a socialist agenda on a global scale. What will be lost is the freedom to manage your own economic endeavors, your privacy in financial transactions, and your right to engage in a competitive market-driven economy. This will all come to pass when digital money becomes the norm. The only way to hedge this system is to hold non-CUSIP gold and silver--the only two forms of “sound money” capable of restoring integrity to any monetary system that has gone awry.

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