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JPMorgan Analyst Focus List: Apple Inc. Removed

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EDITOR NOTE: The following shouldn’t come as a surprise. Sure, it’s focus is on Apple. But generally, the entire tech sector, being the outperformer that it is, for decades, in fact, will likely have the most to fall, at least according to CFRA and FactSet estimates. “Limited near-term upside,” as JPM projects--yes, that’s quite possible. Unless a tech company is highly diversified and part of the new “stay at home” economy, it’s likely to have some downside. Overall, however, stocks might not be the best investment given our current circumstances.

Apple Inc. was removed from JPMorgan’s Analyst Focus List, with the firm seeing limited near-term upside going into the release of the iPhone maker’s quarterly results.

Based on its most recent close, Apple shares have climbed nearly 31% over the past three months, easily exceeding the nearly 18% gain of the S&P 500 information technology index, and returning more than twice the roughly 12% rise of the S&P 500. The stock rose 1.1% before the bell on Monday.

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