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Lynette Zang Gold Prediction and $600 Silver Price Movement

Gold Prediction
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EDITOR NOTE: We provide you with plenty of reasons why you should buy non-CUSIP gold and silver to weather the changes in what’s become a geopolitically-driven economy. In this video you’re about to watch, Lynette Zang takes a slightly different approach in her gold prediction. How might a “trader” view gold and silver? She brushes through similar approaches but from a different tactical and strategic angle. What does she mean that silver can help you “sustain” your standard of living while gold is here to “protect” your wealth? What benefits might one have over the other? How much gold to silver does she recommend owning? And how can you use both to position yourself to take advantage of the opportunities that lay on the horizon?

Latest Silver & Gold Price Prediction! Lynette Zang is the Chief Market Analyst for ITM Trading, an Arizona-based precious metals brokerage house. Not only is Zang educated and experienced in the finance world, but she is also open and more than willing to educate the masses the best she can to convey what she knows.

Originally posted by Finance Daily

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