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Markets Are Hit By US Interest Rate Hike

interest rate hikes
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Yesterday’s market action made it clear that hawkish Fed fears are enough to roil markets worldwide. The International Monetary Fund is right in warning that a US market plunge would have a severe “spillover” into emerging economies. The dollar may not be the most favorable king with all its dazzling “paper" decor, but emerging market assets and currencies may be less preferable to a naked emperor. So, chaos will ensue. As the author rightly argues, “with the Fed sounding hawkish, and omicron hitting supply chains and pushing up costs, emerging market policymakers need to prepare for a storm.” We concur. If you want some good soothsaying on sector and currency rotations, there’s plenty of it among the analyst crystal ball quotes in the article you’re about to read. But surviving long-term requires patience and a sound financial view toward value, similar to the single monetary metal that’s observed the rise and fall of currencies over the last 2,600 years.

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