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Martin Armstrong Clip: Gold Should Sell at $25k/oz

Martin Armstrong
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EDITOR NOTE: GoldSeek Radio’s Chris Waltzek welcomes financial guru Martin Armstrong, star of the financial docudrama “The Forecaster,” to his program. They talk about the economic ramifications of the “free money spigot” turning off at the same time the eviction and student loan moratoriums are also ending. Armstrong talks about the “debt crisis” brought on by the negative interest rates set in 2014. The financial expert sees many similarities between now and when he started in finance in the 1980s. He believes that “Gold should theoretically sell for $25,000 an ounce,” with the policies implemented by central banks. "The governments are all pushing to create their own CBDC. They are tracking gold more and more, not silver. Gold Refiners that I know have to tell them [the government] where it came from and where it’s going!" The precious metal should go up “once people realize what’s really going on.”

Financial guru and star of the financial docudrama, “The Forecaster” Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics, returns to Radio, noting a major “Debt Crisis,” vis-a-vie the ever soaring $3.3 Trillion US budget this year, alone. “Gold should theoretically sell for $25,000 an ounce, given the monetary prolificacy since 1980.”

 Armstrong warns of the potential for a domino effect of Pension Fund failures during a great financial “reset.” He sees another 1980’s like gold rally amid a “crisis in (financial) confidence.”

Original post from Gold Seek

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