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Medical Psychadelic Series And World Economic Forum Take Place Simultaneously

medical psychadelic series
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Over the last decade, we’ve seen two related yet opposing trends quietly making their way through the more upwardly mobile circles of “youngish” America, particularly among the Millennial startup crowds in Silicon Valley. The first is a return to a “natural humanism” of sorts. From paleo, keto, and fasting to cold therapy and a minimalist mindset, these emphasized seemingly “natural” solutions to bring about a strange hybrid of retro-evolution. The second trend is best represented by the micro-dosing of psychedelic drugs at work or the consumption of synthetic nootropics to boost productivity. Unlike the former, the latter can be profitable, manufactured, and used to manage productivity. So, perhaps it isn’t surprising that the elites at Davos decided to dedicate a portion of their annual meeting to just that: the Medical Psychedelic Series. As Jason Silver of Brain Games explains, “As psychedelics find increasingly mainstream acceptance as positive psychological interventions…they are raising as many questions…including how to integrate the actual religious quality of these experiences into our normal waking lives.” Perhaps there was a time when disrupting the natural ebb and flow of economic activity to introduce “artificial” measures was frowned upon. It shouldn’t be too surprising if the Davos crowd might find themselves enamored by a synthetically manufacturable solution to certain mental conditions that human nature is, by itself, equipped to manage. It wouldn’t be very profitable to let humankind use its intrinsic capabilities. It also wouldn’t lend itself to a greater degree of control seems to be the underlying theme of any World Economic Forum agenda.

As Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine dominate the news cycle, we’re seeing an increased emphasis on mental health as a key topic of conversation: The world gets more stressful every day and we need new ways to deal with this.

With a growing body of evidence that suggests psychedelic-assisted therapy could represent a breakthrough in treating countless mental health ailments, such as depression, substance abuse disorders and PTSD, how will the presence of a “Medical House of Psychedelics” in Davos change the future of global health policy?

A Meeting Of Like-Minded (And Open-Minded) Individuals

As the world’s top political and financial leaders gather in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum’s flagship annual event, the biggest names in the psychedelics space will fly out to do the same. It’s not shamans or a “Burning Man crowd” that will come together in the iconic European town, but rather drug development experts, clinicians, nonprofit organizations, advocates and influencers from the space.

While the event itself, the Medical Psychedelic Series, is not part of the World Economic Forum, both the dates and location coincide with the iconic gathering of world leaders.

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