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More Than 400 Silver Coins Discovered in Prague Castle

400 Silver Coins
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EDITOR NOTE: Two history buffs picking mushrooms in the woods outside a Medieval castle made an amazing silver discovery recently. The pair found a cache of more than 400 silver coins hidden in the woods outside the games of the South Moravian Castle Lukov in the Czech Republic. Experts are currently looking to clean, date, and value the treasure that includes coins from between 1300 and 1550. The historical society says the stash was there because “Most likely some merchant or tradesman placed their small fortune in a jug and hid it in a hole they dug near the castle.” Making sure your personal wealth can’t be seized by the government obviously goes back centuries. This find is kind of like the earliest example of non-CUSIP silver on record! 

A Medieval treasure encompassing more than 400 silver coins was found in the woods near the South Moravian Castle Lukov recently. Two members of the local castle society found them while picking mushrooms. The coins are now being restored and analysed, but should be put on view soon at the annual Lukov Castle Day on September 19.

Once a large royal castle during the rule of the mighty Luxembourg dynasty, Lukov is a Gothic ruin today, having been destroyed by the Swedes during the Thirty Years War. However, the discovery of a silver treasure in the surrounding woods shows that it still hides some secrets.

The find was made by members of the Society of Friends of Lukov Castle (Spolek přátel hradu Lukova), a group of enthusiasts who manage the upkeep of what is considered one of the most beautiful ruins in the Czech Republic. Its Chairman Jiří Holík says it all happened quite by chance.

“It was found by two of our members who were picking mushrooms. They were just passing through an oak forest when they saw something shiny that looked like metal. It turned out to be the coins. It seems that the area had been recently dug up by wild boars who were probably feeding on fallen acorns. They gave me a call and I headed over there.”

Mr Holík called archaeologists to inform them of the sensational find. A team of specialists then arrived to check the site as well.

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